These 20 Property Listing Photos Are Unbelievably Terrible. That’s Why They’re Perfectly Hilarious

Andy Donaldson’s tongue-in-cheek Tumblr site named Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs is all about – you guessed it – “inexplicably bad property photographs’. They range from the baffling up to the outrageously horrible. It’s absolutely mystifying to imagine how some real estate agents would actually list these in the market.

To give you an idea of how deliciously hilarious and baffling some of the property photos actually make it to the market, here is a sampler of the site’s inexplicably bad highlights (or should we say lowlights?)

1. ‘A tragic scene. This is what happens when a smurf bursts.’

2. ‘Clever. To avoid spoiling the photograph, the current tenant has disguised himself as a large potted plant.’

3. ‘Some awful things must have happened on this toilet for the owners to have erected tidal defences.’

4. ‘To create a positive vibe around a property, we recommend avoiding sulky and faintly menacing children.’

5. ‘The agents are quietly confident that a recent missing persons case is on the verge of being solved.’

6. ‘Don’t do it. You have so much to live for. Also, there’s a very real chance you could get stuck on the way down – It’s not a very big gap. Maybe try the roof?’

7. ‘One can’t help but suspect that this was once part of a far larger and altogether more ambitious photograph.’

8. ‘It’s the level of commitment shown here that sets this particular accidental selfie apart from the rest. He even got dressed up for the occasion.’

9. ‘What does the fox say? It says “I’m the size of a fully grown man, I can stand upright, and I’m not even 100% sure I’m a fox”.’

10. ‘Never again will you miss a delivery because you were on the toilet.’

11. ‘A rare example of what architectural historians refer to as a “fertility window”.

12. ‘Tip: If you’re going to photograph a bedroom at 6am, at least let the occupant get dressed first.

13. ‘Will you be staying long? Only this house is actually for sale now.’

14. ‘The owners assure us the pool will be dredged before anyone else can move in.’

15. ‘For Sale: Purely theoretical space. Fully furnished.’

16. ‘Located in a Conservation Area, even the quality of light has remained unchanged since the 1970s.’

17. ‘The danger with this approach is that you could end up selling the wrong house.’

18. ‘Drinking with my beg-your-pardon?’

19. ‘It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what this adds to the room, but it certainly adds something.’

20. ‘The stage is set, and the judges prepare to take their places for one of the more unusual events at this year’s Winter Olympics.’

Bonus: 21. ‘For a variety of reasons, this is one shower that should be checked thoroughly before use.’